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Engineering office with expertise in design, certification and product analysis

Prototypes and pilot runs up to the transition to series production

We offer our customers all-round support with each and every decision in the form of project and cost management, ensuring that products are marketable, function as required, meet technical safety requirements and are produced at an optimal cost.

CooolDesign – design and development

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  1. Product market research
    including feasibility study
  2. Exploring optimal production options
    including production via CooolCase or organising possible alternative means of production
  3. Implementing necessary safety standards
    including CE and GS testing, load calculation
  4. Analysing cost efficiency
    Analysing cost efficiency

Important questions during the process:

What are the product’s market characteristics?
Does the product fulfil key safety criteria?
Can it be produced at the planned cost?

CooolDesign – your engineering office for toolbuilding

Product rating
Feasibility studies
Developing/testing prototypes
Degree course in design
Adapting 3D models to companies’ manufacturing facilities
First article inspection
Advice on production development

“CooolDesign’s mechanics are the link between smart products and user operating characteristics!”

(Christian Michel, CEO of CooolDesign)

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