CoolDesign accompanies your product from the idea to go-tomarket maturity

Producers benefit from our expertise in mechanics

We accompany the development of your product by finding the perfect solution that combines functions, product safety and the cost of manufacturing. In doing so, we support every stage of the process from the idea to development, certification and market readiness. Our company structure means we work as a team, all focused on finding solutions. The key tools we use are CAD systems and a CAD/CAM system that is organised down to the finest detail, guaranteeing you reliable data, including a material list.

Our production forecast gives you a market-driven overview of the materials used, the production time and the logistics costs.



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Our certification service covers:

Entrepreneurial liability

(including, but not limited to, products that have to meet related standards)

Packaging management

Statics of mechanics

Drop testing, vibration testing

Our partner company CooolCase can carry out all mechanical manufacturing processes such as

CNC processing

Laser technology

3D printing

Make the most of our experience in product certification.
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